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3 next-level video marketing musts

When it comes to marketing, video is a powerful persuasion tool. Including a video on a landing page, for example, can increase conversions by 80 percent.*

Yet not all videos are created equal. At BOLD, we have an authoritative video-making machine. Jon Reno has years of experience creating, directing, producing, writing and editing videos. His previous films have earned critical acclaim, receiving 10 awards and 26 film festival selections.

Here are his video marketing musts:

The sound should be flawless

If a video’s sound is edited and designed effectively, a viewer shouldn’t notice it. Terrible sound, however, is hard to ignore.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the visuals of a video. 4K or even 360 videos are so hot right now, but stunning graphics can be derailed by poor sound. Scratchy audio or inconsistent volume levels illustrate a lack of attention to detail and can skew how your audience perceives your brand.

Make it mobile friendly

Recently, Ooyala reported that more than 50 percent of videos are watched on mobile. The differences between desktop and mobile videos are subtle but can significantly impact views and engagement. An effective mobile video might include subtitles embedded in the actual video, complete with fonts and animations that match the overall tone of the video. Mobile users like this for one simple fact: it negates the need for sound. Other effective mobile videos are vertical instead of horizontal. Not everyone wants to rotate their phone for a complete experience. Make sure your videos take mobile platforms into account. 

Videos should tell a story

All great speeches have a great story. If you want a great video, it should too. A slideshow of products or services is never going to be interesting. And according to Hubspot, the average video retains only 37 percent of viewers all the way to the end. To improve viewers’ attention spans, captivate them with well-produced stories they can’t help but see through to the end.

Video allows you to showcase your ideal environment. So do that. Don’t create a video just because it’s hot in the marketing world. Tell a story worth watching.

And in the meantime, you can discover some inspiration by checking out some of our latest videos:


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