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3 signs it is time for a focus group

The most effective way to communicate with your audience is to first and foremost understand them. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

That can apply to customers, but also to employees and business partners. Market research – including focus groups and perception studies – when implemented effectively, provide not just significant insight but can (and should) help form the very backbone of your business strategy – driving decision-making, innovation and growth.

Focus groups in particular offer an opportunity to collect ideas and information in a format that allows for strategic implementation (vs. knee-jerk reactions). Now may be an ideal time to implement a focus group if your business:

  • Is struggling to connect with your target audience – whether it’s your workforce, your customers or other key stakeholders in your organization’s success.
  • Is launching a new product or service, or expanding into a new area. This type of market research can optimize success, creating innate buy-in from the very beginning.
  • Is considering rebranding. Building your business’s image from the ground-up around your stakeholders’ perceptions creates powerful brand loyalty.

Want to know more about focus groups? Check out our recent White Paper on how market research can take your business to the next level: