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3 types of marketing your businesses should be doing now

If you started in the business world 20 years ago, your options for marketing were fairly well mapped out: print, broadcast, direct mail, outdoor, maybe events. Your business most likely did not have a website (only about 100,000 sites were even live), Google didn’t exist, and Steve Jobs hadn’t yet returned to Apple.

Fast forward to 2017. There are literally hundreds of options for marketing your business – including a few you probably haven’t even heard of yet. Here’s a look at three you should definitely be doing over the next year to bolster your growth strategy:


This has been the buzz phrase in marketing for a few years, but its significance only continues to grow as businesses of all sizes reap the rewards of attracting customers through relevant, valuable content.

How it works: Develop and share native content related to your business, industry or audience interests through social media, article postings, blogs, e-newsletters, case studies, white papers and other content channels.


This is the ultimate you-scratch-my-back, I’ll-scratch-yours collaboration. Partner with other businesses or organizations in related fields to better attract and retain customers.

How it works: It could be as big as Chase and Amazon partnering to offer a rewards credit card, or as simple as a restaurant teaming up with a local brewery to serve craft beer. Think about which industries have an audience base similar to yours – and then strategically partner with them to reach those audiences for mutual benefit.


No, business events aren’t new. But there are new ways to approach them through social and digital marketing platforms that not only allow you to target your audience, but measure your success as well.

How it works: Promoting through social and digital channels is obviously a good way to let your target audiences know about your event. But wait, there’s more. A lot more. Utilize video platforms like Facebook Live to reach consumers unable to physically attend your event. Host a contest that incorporates your social channels. Post event photos to social during and after the event. And most importantly: follow up, follow up, follow up. (See: 10 ideas for post-event followups LINK).

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