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5 things every business owner should know

There are many advantages to owning your own business, but also a lot of hurdles to overcome – not least of which is a well-developed business plan to help you get started. Here’s a look at some key components to focus on:

  1. Your purpose and strategy. You can’t move forward without a clear business concept, as well as goals and a plan for meeting them. These form the foundation your business will be built off, and should be carried through every aspect – from service and sales to marketing – so make sure they’re clearly stated.
  2. Your budget. The key component when it comes to budgeting is simple: Be realistic. Projected financial statements will provide a basis for your anticipated profits as well as current and future financing needs.
  3. Your competitive edge. Highlight your products and services to showcase how your business has an advantage over competitors.
  4. Your marketing plan. How you plan to promote your business is just as important as the products or services you’ll be offering. This includes who your customers are and how you’ll reach them to drive sales.
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