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Crisis Communication &


Now more than ever, it’s imperative for businesses and non-profits to have effective communication plans in place for both internal and external audiences.


Solid communication strategies can help weather any economic or public relations storm, positioning organizations to rebound strongly on the other side. As support for our clients and the business community during this challenging time, we’ve created some key communication resources and tools to utilize. Access them for free by clicking the “Download Now” button.


Downloadable Resources

Customer Resources Toolkit:

  • Template: Crisis FAQ for Customers
  • Template: Customer Service Escalation Plan
  • Social Media Crisis Checklist

Workforce Support Toolkit:

  • Employee Communication Plan
  • Workforce Morale Strategy Map
  • Hiring in a Crisis Checklist

Crisis Communication Toolkit:

  • Crisis Communications: Worksheet
  • Crisis Communications: Checklist
  • Crisis Planning: Circles of Influence

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BOLD partners with organizations across the U.S. and beyond to implement highly effective strategies for growth and change, including:
  • Organizational analysis
  • Sales/Revenue Goals
  • Internal/External Communication
  • Organization Culture
  • Employee Recruitment/Retention
  • Leadership Development
  • Customer Experience
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Research/Data Analysis
  • Public Relations & Marketing
  • Brand Development