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Last-Minute Black Friday Marketing Tips

Whether you’re in a traditional retail sector or not, your business can still capitalize on Black Friday sales. You just have to think outside the (shopping) bag.

Black Friday Shoppers are planners supreme, no doubt about it. They have to be, to navigate those pumpkin-pie-charged crowds and come out strong on the other side with their bargain prizes in-hand and holiday lists checked off. So help them plan. Make sure they have all the details explaining why your business is a crucial port-of-call on their Black Friday cruise. Here are some simple ways to make that happen between now and The Big Day:

#1 Educate them.

First and foremost, customers need to understand what you bring to the table. Obviously Black Friday is great for retail, whether you’re selling clothes, electronics or household appliances. But it works for other sectors too – like entertainment, fitness and dining. More and more, customers are interested in gifting experiences over material things. But those unique gifting opportunities won’t just pop into their heads automatically. So brainstorm ways your business can offer that, from restaurant gift cards to fitness memberships to weekend getaways, and then shout it from the rooftops.

#2 Harness the power of email.

It’s fast, easy and cost effective, especially if you’ve done your due diligence throughout the year and built up your customer email list. A series of email blasts in the weeks leading up to Black Friday is a great way to remind customers about your business and ongoing sales. Even better: Make it a holiday planning guide or provide other useful resources that solve a problem for them, and they’ll do more than just skim and delete.

#3 Utilize point of sale.

Advertising to existing customers who are already loyal to your brand is the equivalent of picking low-hanging fruit. They’re easier to reach and you still end up with a bucket of apples. So start there, by promoting your Black Friday offerings through point-of-sale signage, bag stuffers and by reminding customers verbally.

#4 Social-ize.

And to reach non-customers, social media channels can work wonders with the right messaging and targeting – such as look-alike audiences for your current followers. Not only is it quick, it’s also cost effective to reach thousands for little investment.

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