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Is your marketing dollar effective?

Let us show you how your marketing efforts, website and online presence is really performing with our unbiased marketing review.

Are you getting the most from your marketing?

If you’re feeling a lack of confidence in your marketing efforts or maybe you can’t quite understand what your agency or team is doing, it’s time for an objective look at your marketing strategies.

We can help.

An unbiased review of your marketing tactics – from what is driving leads and effective for brand awareness to wasted dollars if left in the current state. An extensive audit of your website and how Google compares you to your competition is vital to knowing what marketing investment will generate the best ROI.

Let us dig in.

BOLD will analyze how your current marketing efforts are moving the needle for your business. And, we will leave you with detailed recommendations.

That’s correct – a full report of what your team can do to make an immediate and long-term impact. No obligation to BOLD. What have you got to lose?

Sure, we can talk about bounce rates, clicks, conversions and SEO all day long, but let’s zoom out.

We know the biz, the buzzwords and launch attention-getting campaigns that blow past goals all day long. But why do you need us?

What’s the Value of a Marketing Audit?


Identify Marketing Challenges

BOLD takes a comprehensive look at current marketing tactics to identify any obstacles or limitations.


Analyze Performance Enhancing Tactics

In-depth, recommendations are prepared, based on best marketing practices across all platforms, even if you’re not utilizing them.


Report with REAL Strategy to Increase ROI

Schedule a time to review your marketing audit with BOLD owner, Dana Thomas, and review suggestions to take to your team or agency.


How can your business benefit?

Hear from BOLD owner, Dana Thomas, your contact throughout the marketing audit process. She will also reveal why she believes in dedicating resources to helping small businesses.

Do You Need a Marketing Audit?

Any business can benefit from marketing audit services. Let’s face it, there’s always room for improvement.

Ask yourself these questions:

V Do you know if Google “likes” your website?
V Are you set up for online lead generation?
V Are you satisfied with the number of online leads you are getting?
V Have you explored SEO efforts for your online positioning?
V Do you know how your competitors rank online compared to you?
V Have you analyzed your social media efforts for true lead generation?
V Do you have a communications strategy in place for ongoing PR or a crisis?

If you answered no to even one of these questions, we can help.

BOLD will identify strategies that are not working, broken links on your website, underperforming ads and ineffective communication. Think of this as a yearly wellness exam for your business and an opportunity to fix any problems while incorporating fresh strategies to keep your business on top.

Ready to Get Started?

How Our

Marketing Audit Works:

BOLD will take a comprehensive look at your marketing efforts and provide direct feedback in two weeks or less.

Each marketing component works seamlessly to drive results and creates a strong brand presence within your company’s industry.

Marketing Audit

$3,200 Investment

Our team of experts will take a deep dive and review these areas:
N Website Health
N SEO Structure
N Social Media Strategy + Tools
N Google Ad Utilization + Effectiveness
N Lead Generation Strategies
N Traditional Media Placement Review

What’s Next?

After Your Marketing Audit…

We will meet to review results with an in-depth consultation, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions about our recommendations.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us today to start your audit.

“You’ve got nothing to lose through this marketing audit, but in two weeks, much to gain. Let’s get started.”

Dana Thomas
BOLD Owner

When you’re ready


Sign up now for your marketing audit and we’ll get to work reviewing your marketing and brand strategies. Then, we’ll deliver a comprehensive report of our findings, plus detailed marketing tactics you can implement immediately.

Get in touch today and BOLD will take a dive into your brand and provide feedback in two weeks or less.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us:

“BOLD did an AMAZING job on our website. It’s everything we asked for and then some.”

Bakery Shop Owner

“BOLD helped lift us out of the hole the pandemic left us in, and has given us great tools to keep improving and navigating the new business world we find ourselves in.”

Owner of Multiple Downtown Businesses

“The BOLD Marketing team has done an incredible job building our website and setting up our digital marketing infrastructure for B2B and B2C channels. They have gone above and beyond our expectations. We highly recommend BOLD Marketing to any businesses looking to elevate their marketing to the highest level.”

Collaborative Retail Shop Owner