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Network Now

Five Tips to Change the Way You Network


At BOLD, we believe in digging in and meeting new people. Develop your business and get-to-know others by following our top five tips for networking success.


1. Gain customers when you give back

Grow your network by volunteering for community events and showcasing your involvement on social media. You’ll organically expand your audience while promoting your business and doing something good for your community. Don’t feel like volunteering? Look into sponsoring community fundraising events. People love supporting businesses supporting their community.

2. Follow the crowd

Join your local Chamber or other business organizations to learn about events in the area and connect with other success-minded individuals. Don’t fall for the old trap of joining but never attending any events either. Make a genuine effort to meet others or they will wonder why they should meet you.

3. Pitch perfect

You never know when you’re going to run into an opportunity to market yourself, your product or your service. A successful elevator pitch can make or break your first impression. At least once a month, review the who, what, when and why of your speech, so you’re always ready to meet your next best customer. Make sure you’re able to keep it under those crucial 30 seconds.

4. Partner to maximize reach

Partner with businesses in a related field to cross promote each other’s products and services. Run a fencing company? Partner with a landscaper. Endorse each other’s work by offering discounts to each other’s customers and cross-selling.

5. Hands-on connections

Hosting a workshop or seminar allows you to showcase your product and attract an audience by tapping into their interests. If you’re a fabric store owner, host a Sew Fun Girls’ Night Out event that lets potential customers try their hand at new stitches. As a hardware store owner, gain customers by holding a DIY light fixture installation workshop.

Networking is easy and effective once you know where to start. Get out there and start making those connections (insert empowering high-five slap here).

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