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Take this easy 5-question quiz to discover if a rebrand is the right solution.

Take this easy 5-question quiz to discover if a rebrand is the right solution.

Is it time for an organizational makeover?

Great brands make lasting statements. Okay brands fizzle out.

Take Nike’s “Just do it” or Apple’s “Think different.” Picture their logos. It’s easy to recall the swoosh emblem or the sleek fruit. Both companies have tweaked their message platforms and logos as they further define what sets them apart from competitors. Remember Apple’s rainbow logo before the monochrome symbol took over? That change was part of their rebranding in 1997.

Features of great branding

If an organization wants to thrive, its branding needs to be iconic, memorable and relevant. Most of all, branding needs to capture your products or services, in addition to appealing to your specific audience.

Great branding isn’t something that happens overnight. Even if you believe you have a great brand, an evolution could increase your market advantage.

What clues signal it’s time for a rebrand?

It comes in waves. Something about your logo looks off. Your slogan doesn’t have the same punch. Your once spiffy website is bogged down with old code and redundant pages. The information in your brochures conflicts with your online presence. You’ve heard through the grapevine your organization has a negative reputation. Sales are stale. Your company is ready to expand. Seem familiar? If so, rebranding might be best for your organization’s future.

Still, rebranding is a big decision. Take this easy five-question quiz to see if rebranding is the right strategy.